BJ's Team


Hi, I’m Bex, the B of BJ’s. I count myself to be the luckiest girl in the world doing what I love, in the most beautiful location surrounded by the best team and clients


Hi, I’m J captain of this ship and also the resident fun policeman at BJ's. I try (with very limited success) to maintain some form of order amongst both staff and clients. I can be found either in my office or on the golf course


Hi guys, my name is Ricardo Bento, aka Bender!!! I have the relentless task of being the manager down at BJ’s! I try and keep Bex and J in check - not an easy job...!


Hi, my name is Laura, I get called Little L! I have been at BJ’s for 7 years now and I am in charge of the food orders. I have a 2 year old son called Martim who is easy to control in comparison to the boys at BJ’s!


Hi my names is James, also known as Frosty, Jimbo or Ice man! I’m the BJ’s personal trainer - you may also see me down at Campus. I’ve been at BJ’s for 4 years and I’m having the time of my life!


I’ve been working at BJ’s for the last 3 years in my school holidays and I’m currently working full time in my year out.


Hi my name is Suzie!!! I’ve been at BJ’s for 5 years now and I LOVE it! I’m the bar manager and so I am responsible for all your delicious drinks! Come in and say hi!


Hi Guys, I’m brand spanking new to the BJ’s team this year… my name is Marco and I used to work here 20 years ago long before Bex and J were here and i am loving being back, it’s got such a special place in my heart, i’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone! My name is Aaron and i’m back at BJ’s, i worked here last year and previously i ran Lennons in Almancil. I never realised i was a beachbum until i joined this team!

Kitchen Team

Hiya from the engine room! We hope you like our simple but fresh style of cooking.